About BIKICOCO Metal D-Rings

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The BIKICOCO metal D-ring is a very versatile and very useful one of these general hardware. Durable and versatile D-rings are indeed everywhere. They are widely used in everything from bags and clothes to pet collars and horse bits. At BIKICOCO, you will find non-welded Dee ring in various sizes and colors to meet your hardware needs and style preferences. Durability and performance should be considered when designing. The metal D-rings we can use are made of cold-rolled steel and have a nickel-plated coating. When it comes to superior performance, there is no better choice.

The size of our metal D-rings varies from 1/2" to 2" and is measured by the inner rod that fixes the material to the D-ring. When ordering webbing, make sure to order D-rings of the same size. For example, if you want to order a 1-inch webbing, you need to order a 1-inch D-ring. Our D-rings are also available in light wire (0.13-inch wire thickness) or heavy-duty (0.12 inch to 0.26-inch wire thickness).

Metal D-rings are essential for many fixing methods. If you have ever towed wood, tied a boat, or used a heavy backpack, then you may rely on a combination of nylon webbing and a series of metal D-rings to complete the task. These examples are just a few places that appear in these metal D-ring hardware projects. In fact, there are thousands of uses for D-rings, and most people have never even considered it. At BIKICOCO, we can choose D-rings in various sizes and colors to suit all situations. Whether you only need 1 metal D-ring or a large number, you can buy any number.



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